Tuesday, 16 November 2010

You Can't Handle the Youth!

After months of planning and over 60 creative heads coming together, we done did it. The You Can't Handle the Youth! collaborative event was a total success. With great press coverage prior to the event and a ton of people putting in hours of dedication and donation, we had around 500 people show up to support. The vendor village was fully occupied, the art show was full of more amazing kitchy shit than I could have ever imagined, and the models killed it on the runway. So much thanks to all the ((countless)) people involved who dedicated their time and sanity to making this night successful for all of us. 


One of many amazing submissions by Saylor.

One of the many shadowboxes by the amazing Ona Zimmerman.

Moxi model keepin' it wheel.

Dirtysix Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Total lady and strappin' gents.

Dirtysix staff member talkin' art and handlin' shit per usual.

Jomama of Joshow Promotions reppin' shit.

The amazing stylists from Salon Pop, providers of the runway hair amazingness.
The infamous stylist dejour, Sasha Gold,  gettin' vicious.

MomxRedxDirtysix Collabo

                                                  Great people. Great art. Great music. Great press. Great turn out. Great night.
                                                                        Thank you to all who came out and all who took part.

                                              More ridiculously rad photos available  at http://zemor.net/?p=988
                                                         via the charming and talented Matthew Hodges.

                                                                               Till next time...

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